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We all have misunderstandings with our significant others. Every relationship has its difficulty, which is just human nature. It is important though that you and your partner both feel safe being yourself and talking openly about your boundaries and feelings in the relationship.

Take this quiz to see how you stack up as a romantic partner.

Are you a good partner?


Do you feel comfortable with your partner having their own friends and hanging out with them separate from you?

Do you expect to know your partners daily activities?

Do you expect your partner to check in with you many times throughout the day?

Do you often call your partner beyond the hours of midnight and 1 am on week nights?

Do you enjoy spending time with your partner in groups of people as well as alone?

Do you constantly ask for alone time with partner when they want to spend time with family or friends?

Do you enjoy sharing in fun activities with your partner like swimming, biking, watching funny movies or reading a good book together?

Do you often feel board or frustrated in the relationship or does your partner?

Are you happy for your partner when they accomplish great things?

Do you feel the need to control your partner's free time?

Have you ever secretly watched or followed your partner just to see what they were up to?

Do you respect your partners boundaries?

Have you ever called your partner names, screamed or cursed at them?

Do you trust your partner?

Click the button below to find out how you scored and get advice about what to do now.

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