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All relationships can be different, but all healthy relationships have a few things in common like trust, support, and equality. Take our quiz and see what you think about how your relationship scores.

How Healthy is Your Relationship?


Sometimes my partner makes me feel guilty for the clothes I wear.

Sometimes my partner makes me feel stupid.

I don't feel like I have independence in my relationship.

My partner gets upset over small things.

Sometimes I feel like I am walking on eggshells.

My partner hates it if I want to spend time with a friend.

My partner has pushed me.

I would be embarrassed if my friends or family knew how my partner treated me when we are by ourselves.

My partner has called me "stupid" for making mistakes.

My partner has gotten really jealous before and called me a slut.

My partner checks in with me by calling or texting me constantly.

My partner gets upset if I don't return his or her call or text immediately.

My partner has threatened to hurt me.

My partner has threatened to hurt himself or herself if we break up.

My partner has yelled and screamed at me to try to humiliate or intimidate me.

I sometimes wish I could break up with my partner but don't know how.

I am sometimes afraid of what my partner will do.

Sometimes my partner acts like they own me.

I don't feel like I can be honest with my partner about how I feel in the relationship.

My partner has asked me to do things I am uncomfortable with more than once.

My partner gets upset because I don't send him or her naked pictures.

My partner says I don't really love him/her because I won't have sex.

My partner gets upset over things I do on Facebook, and tries to monitor my Facebook page.

My partner checks my text messages and phone calls.

My partner has hit me.

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