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Self-Care Outside

Nature Walk for Self-Care


We have covered the topic of self-care before, and we wanted to offer a specific way that we like to do that. GETTING OUTSIDE!


It may be cold out, but bundling up and getting out for some fresh air can re-connect you to all the positive feels you might be missing. This will encourage  your sense of well-being and ability to deal with whatever life is throwing at you. Find a nice natural sport where you feel safe and secluded to just sit and breathe or go for a long trail run. Whatever way works for you, it is a great way to take care of yourself.


It is incredibly important to take time to just be you. Put your phone on “do not disturb,” and keep it put away unless you just absolutely have to use it for something. When you get outside or set aside time for yourself, but end up spending time snapping or insta-ing your scene you are doing those things for other people- not for yourself. Turning everything off is when you can really show up for yourself.


Why get outside? Because it’s good for the body and the mind.


It is good for you to physically move however fast or slow you choose. It is good for your lungs to get some cleansing fresh air. The body needs Vitamin D which is sourced from sunlight. It needs the freshly cleansed air that the trees are providing.


Being outside can also be good for the mind. As I said before we are often caught up in the monotony of life and our online presence. We can start to stress and overthink our interactions with others, over analyze our own  appearance or performance. Getting outside unplugs us from all the mental activity. Slowing down and hearing the wind blow through the trees, or seeing a deer snack on plants with her young, or feeling sunlight on our skin reminds us that we are actually a part of something beautiful and bigger than all of the other stuff we may worry about. We are a part of nature but sometimes our daily life disconnects us from that. It is good for us physically and mentally to make space for being outside.


Some of my favorite things to do outside:




Sit outside under a tree and just listen for a minute. Get out a favorite book(anything by Mary Oliver is a great companion to getting outside), sketch pad, or journal and enjoy some time digging into one of these activities.


Either in the forest,out in an open space at a park, or even my own backyard I like to take some music and a hoop and move.

Hiking with my dogs- pack a bag with a blanket, light snack and some water and set out on a nice long walk. Maybe set a goal of distance or location to reach- or don’t and just enjoy a random path. Set out with a steady pace and nothing to do but listen and breathe.


Nap in a hammock

Look for wild flowers or insects to sketch or identify.



Bonfire with music, friends, hot cocoa and snacks!

Maybe you are bit more active than me. Try mountain biking or cross country running. Whatever it is that works for you it’s important to get time outside regularly. We promised you will feel better- especially if you do it offline! You may just find a new hobby or passion. I know I did.


The more I get outside the more I realize it’s worth protecting. I’ve connected with the larger aspect of life that I am a small part of, and realized I can play an important role in not only doing good for myself but for my fellow earthlings as well.


Stay warm, but get out there and do nothing outside or do something outside whatever you do.. Do it out there.



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